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The Transport Authority issue – Filetype iconDecision No 2 2019 of 14 November 2019, On determination of conditions for unmanned aircraft flight operations and restriction of specific categories aircrafts flight operations in the airspace of the Slovak Republic. This Decision enters into force on 15th November 2019.

Actual information´s regarding to use of the Slovak Republic airspace, the Aeronautical Information Publication of the Slovak Republic (AIP SR), NOTAM and the electronic VFR Manual (VFRM)  are available at this link –

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Unmanned Aircraft (an aircraft able to fly without pilot on board) with maximum take-off mass less than 150kg according to § 7 Subpar. 2 of Act No 143/1998 Coll. On civil aviation (Aviation Act) in the form of its later changes and amendments to certain acts; to operate in the airspace only under conditions, that take into account flight safety and as determined by agreement between the Transport Authority and the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic.

Unmanned aircraft means an aircraft able to fly without a pilot on board (§ 7 of Aviation Act). Unmanned aircrafts are divided into:

– Autonomous aircraft (means unmanned aircraft equipped with an independent in-flight control system, that does not allow human control intervention to a flight operation)

– Remotely piloted aircraft (means remote pilot operated unmanned aircraft by remote pilot station not located on board of an unmanned aircraft)

– Model aircraft (means unmanned aircraft unable of automatic flight to a designated place, used only for sport, competition or recreational purposes)

In all cases, the airspace of the Slovak Republic applies an obligation to operate aircraft in compliance with conditions and requirements established for the use of airspace. Unmanned aircraft flight operation shall be performed in a way to not compromise safety of other aircrafts, persons, property on the ground and to ensure environment protection from noise level and pollutants emissions of an unmanned aircraft. Remote pilot shall not perform flight operation under psychoactive substance influence.

Unmanned aircraft flight operation may be performed in Category A unmanned aircraft flight operations (“low risk operations” mostly for recreational purposes) or in Category B unmanned aircraft flight operations (“higher risk operations” mostly for aerial works, individual unmanned aircraft flight operations on base of authorization by the Transport Authority and unmanned aircraft with maximum take-off mass more than 25kg).

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