Cross-border operations

When an UAS operator intends to conduct an operation in the ‘specific’ category for which an operational authorisation has already been granted in accordance with Article 12, and which is intended to take place partially or entirely in the airspace of a Member State other than the Member State of registration, the UAS operator shall provide the competent authority of the Member State of intended operation with an application including the following information:

  1. a copy of the operational authorisation granted to the UAS operator issued by the Member state of registration
  2. the location(s) of the intended operation including the updated mitigation measures, if needed, to address those risks identified under Article 11(2)(b) of the Regulation (EU) 2019/947 which are specific to the local airspace, terrain and population characteristics and the climatic conditions.

Filetype iconApplication for a cross-border UAS operation in the “specific” category

The application may be submitted by post or personally at the Filing Office of the Transport Authority or with electronic verified signature through eIDAS.

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