Remote pilot examination


At the moment, unfortunately it is not possible to execute theoretical examination in English language.

If a person operating an unmanned aircraft is holder of any aircraft category pilot license issued by the competent authority according to Regulation No 1178/2011 in its current form, the Transport Authority require the theoretical examination to be executed only from air law and the air traffic control procedures subject.

If the person operating an unmanned aircraft does not meet the conditions above, it is necessary to:

  • Request by Application F283-B the Transport Authority / Aviation Personnel Licensing Department to execute theoretical examination. The application must be sent by post to the address of the Transport Authority or personally at the Registry of the Transport Authority;
  • Deliver completed and signed binding application for theoretical examination F182-B (by post to the address of the Transport Authority, personally at the Registry of the Transport Authority or scanned by e-mail to  – recommended at least 14 days before scheduled date of the examination).

An applicant does not pay fee for theoretical examination.

For theoretical examination is possible to study in the form of self-study. Our recommended study materials are available in Czech language:

Učebnice pilota, vydavateľstvo Svět křídel;

Kocourek, Řešátko – DRONY – Praktická příručka pro majitele dronú DJI; 2017; vydavateľstvo Agentura Rubico, s.r.o., Česká republika, ISBN: 978-80-7346-228-4;

Karas – 222 tipú a trikú pro drony; 2017; vydavateľstvo Computer Press Brno, Česká republika; ISBN: 978-80-251-4874-7;

Hohenlohe – DRONY; 2016; vydavateľstvo Alpress Frýdek-Místek, Česká republika; ISBN: 978-80-7543-234-6;

Karas, Tichý – Drony; 2016; vydavateľstvo Computer Press Brno, Česká republika, ISBN: 978-80-251-4860-4.

Place and form of theoretical examination

Theoretical examination is executed at the Transport Authority at predetermined dates and times. The computer test is executed in Slovak language, consists 100 questions and time for examination is 90 minutes. Questions are answered in the form of multiple choice of answers. There are three answers to each question, of which only one is correct.

Theoretical examination consists of the following subjects:

  • Air law and the air traffic control procedures;
  • General knowledge of the aircraft;
  • Aircraft performance and flight planning;
  • Meteorology;
  • Performance procedures;
  • Basics of flight;
  • Communication.

Evaluation of theoretical examination

An applicant is evaluated as PASSED if obtained at least 75% in all required subjects. If an applicant is not successful in one or more subjects is evaluated as failed. It is necessary to repeat theoretical examination from subjects that an applicant was evaluated as failed. The date of the next attempt is possible after delivery of the binding application (F182-B) in the following published examination dates.

In case if an applicant executing theoretical examination is evaluated as failed from one subject of all the subjects required four times in a row or has used up to all six available attempts within 18 months of the first attempt to pass the examination an APLD employee evaluates an applicant as FAILED.

In case if an applicant executing theoretical examination is not successful (evaluated as FAILED) and used all above options, it is necessary to repeat the entire examination. An APLD employee shall advise an applicant to execute theoretical training in the training facility and re-submit the application to execute theoretical examination only after completion of the training.                                                                                    To issue Remote pilot certificate is required:

  • Deliver Application F081-B,
  • Deliver the original of application to execute practical examination and report from remote pilot practical examination (F166-B)

An applicant does not pay fee for issue of remote pilot certificate.

An applicant shall be informed when remote pilot certificate is issued by telephone or e-mail as specified in application.

To get certificate:

  • In person, at registered office of the Transport Authority during page hours or by agreement (02/48 777 558),
  • Based on mandate at registered office of the Transport Authority during page hours or by agreement (02/48 777 558),
  • Certificate may be sent by mail to the address noted in application.



Practical examination can be executed after the successful completion of theoretical examination, under supervision, according to the instructions at place designated by the inspector of the Transport Authority with registered unmanned aircraft at the Transport Authority. For practical examination it is necessary to bring an unmanned aircraft register confirmation letter and if an applicant is not unmanned aircraft owner, also a document proving the use of an unmanned aircraft (loan contract / lease contract or other contract between an applicant and unmanned aircraft owner proving that an applicant is authorized to operate an unmanned aircraft). An applicant is responsible for unmanned aircraft flight operation during practical examination.

Practical examinations will be executed at either Štefan Banič Airport in Boleráz (LZTR) or at Nitra – Janíkovce airport (LZNI) at the following preliminary dates:

Practical examinations
Month Date
December 8th (Thursday)
December 20th (Wednesday)
February (2023) 9th (Thursday)


To apply for practical examination is necessary to send an application via email at least 3 days before the examination date. Participation in the practical examination is possible only after application is confirmed.

In case of interest of a larger group of applicants, it is also possible to arrange an individual practical examination at a different date and place by agreement.

Application for practical examination and any other questions can be addressed to

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