Subcategory A1/A3

In order to pass the online exam successfully, the applicant needs to go through an online training course and pass a test, where a minimum of 75% must be achieved. The test consists of 40 questions appropriately divided between the following areas:

aviation security,
airspace restrictions,
aviation regulation,
limitations of human performance,
operating procedures,
general knowledge of UAS,
protection of privacy and personal data,
security protection.

The application can be submitted by post or personally at the filling office of the Transport Authority, using the form below:

Filetype iconApplication for online theoretical knowledge exam A1/A3

After the application has been delivered, the applicant will recieve an email with confirmation including LINK for the online exam together with login data.

The applicant has 3 attempts to successfully pass the test, and each attempt must be taken under 60 minutes.

After successful completion of the exam, the applicant will recieve  a certificate of completion of the online training course (A1/A3) in PDF format.

If the applicant fails the exam, it is necessary to submit a new application to repeat the exam.

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