Subcategory A2

Conditions for acquiring the Remote pilot certificate of competency for A2:

  • successful completion of the online training course(A1/A3),
  • successful completion of the self-practical training,
  • additional theoretical knowledge examination for A2 subcategory.

Filetype iconSelf-practical training is completed in the operating conditions of the subcategory A3 and declared by the remote pilot. The self-study material for the additional theoretical knowledge examination for A2 and the declaration form for the practical self-training can be found in the section Documents.

The additional theoretical knowledge examination is performed on-site at the Transport authority in the form of test. For successful completion, the applicant shall gain at least 75% of the overall marks. The examination shall comprise 30 multiple-choice questions distributed appropriately across the following subjects:

  • meteorology,
  • UAS flight performance,
  • technical and operational mitigations for ground risk.

The application can be submitted by post or personally at the filling office of the Transport Authority, using the form below:

Filetype iconApplication for additional theoretical knowledge exam A2

In the application, the applicant chooses one exam date from the available dates.

An affidavit of completion of self-practical training shall be attached to the application.

If the applicant has passed the A1/A3 online theoretical course in another Member State, he must attach the proof of completion of the online training course A1/A3 to the application.

The applicant is registered for the exam date only after receiving an email from the Transport Authority confirming the date and time of the exam.

The test is carried out personally on the premises of the Transport Authority in Bratislava.

If the applicant fails the exam, it is necessary to submit a new application to repeat the exam.

After successfully completing the exam, the applicant will receive the remote pilot certificate of competency for A2 (pdf format).

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