Registration of UAS Operators

UAS operators that have their principal place of business, are established, or reside in a third country, shall comply with Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947 for the purpose of UAS operations within the single European sky airspace. UAS operator must be registered by their competent authority in accordance with Article 14 of EU Regulation EU No. 2019/947.

The competent authority for the third-country UAS operator shall be the competent authority of the first Member State where the UAS operator intends to operate. The operator cannot be registered in more than one EU member state.

Registration for Third-country UAS operators can be submitted by post or personally at the filling office of the Transport Authority, using the form below:

Filetype iconApplication for registration of third country UAS operators

Address: Dopravný úrad – podateľňa, Letisko M.R. Štefánika 823 05 Bratislava

If the UAS operator owns the UAS or uses a UAS that is owned by a third party, it should register itself:

a) if the UAS operates in the “open” category:

  • with an MTOM of 250 g or more or which can transfer kinetic energy to a person in excess of 80 joules in the event of an impact; or
  • which is equipped with a sensor capable of capturing personal data (e.g. DJI Mini), unless they comply with Directive 2009/48/EC (“toys”);

b) if he operates a UAS of any weight in the “specific” category.

The UAS operator is obliged to register in the Member State in which he has permanent residence as a natural person or in which he has his registered office as a legal entity. A UAS operator cannot be registered in more than one Member State at the same time.

After registering as UAS operator, it should:

  • display on the UA the UAS operator registration number, which is received at the end of the registration process, in a way that the number is readable at least when the UA is on the ground, without using other devices than eyeglasses or corrective lenses; and
  • upload the full string, which consists of the UAS operator registration number and the three (3) secret digits, into the electronic identification system, if available.

The UAS operator should not share with anybody the three (3) ‘secret digits’ that are used to enhance the protection of the UAS operator registration number from being illegally uploaded into a UA.

All documents forming attachments to applications must be submitted to the Transport Office as originals or officially certified copies.

Questions about the register of UAS operators can be addressed to or to tel. no. 0918 382 016 during office hours.

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