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Filetype iconEurocontrol_COVID-19 EACCC Pandemics Factsheet update 14.05.2020

Filetype iconICAO_COVID -Guidance for (CAAs) on the management of aviation safety risks related to COVID-19, and supporting webinar and virtual classroom course

Filetype iconICAO_COVID-19 Survey on COVID-19 Aviation Procurement Needs

Filetype iconICAO_COVID-19 and food safety guidance for food businesses

Filetype iconICAO_COVID-19 Economic Impact Analysis – update 06.07.2020

Filetype iconICAO_COVID-19 Speedy authorization of “repatriation flights” during the COVID-19 pandemic period

Filetype iconICAO_COVID-19 Adherence to relevant ICAO Annex 9

Filetype iconICAO_COVID-19 Repatriation of COVID-19 human remains by air – update

Filetype iconICAO news release on the implementation of CART through the PHC

Filetype iconIFALPA_COVID-19 Guidance for Crews

Filetype iconMID States_COVID-19 Status of NOTAMs related to COVID-19

Filetype iconTCANADA_COVID-19 Interim Health Guidance

Filetype iconWACAF_COVID-19 Restrictions update

Filetype iconWHO_COVID-19 Modes of transmission of virus

Filetype iconWHO_COVID-19 Protecting the vurnelable

Filetype iconWHO_COVID-19 Rational use of personal protective equipment

Filetype iconWHO_COVID-19 Situation Report 172

Filetype iconWHO_COVID-19 situation Report for Africa (13.05.2020)Filetype icon 

Filetype iconWHO_COVID-19 Immunity Passport

Filetype iconWHO_COVID-19 weekly update on COVID

Filetype iconACI_COVID-19 Airport Information Technology recommendations during COVID-19

Filetype iconACI_COVID-19 Airport Operational Practice Examples

Filetype iconACI_COVID-19 Airfield Parking Advisory Bulletin

Filetype iconACI-_COVID-19 Economic Impact Bulletin

Filetype iconEURNAT_COVID-19 restrictions update

Filetype iconFAA_COVID-19 Updated Interim Occupational Health and Safety Guidance for Air Carriers and Crews

Filetype iconIATA_COVID-19 Dangerous Goods Guidance

Filetype iconIATA_COVID-19 Media Coverage

Filetype iconIATA_COVID-19 Quick Reference Guide for Ground Handling update



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